One Tiny Media Company, led by Hollywood Veteran Joshua Jackson, is bringing back classic video games and Wall Street is Starting to Notice

    For savvy investors, the rise in the popularity of gaming is creating lucrative opportunities and undervalued Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: YVR) stands out for impressive growth and potential multiple revenue streams. 

    Video games were a huge part of my childhood.  Growing up, video games united us and we all played together.  Everything from PacMan to Space Invaders to Mario Brothers.  From Atari 2600 to Super Nintendo to XBox.  Whether it was at the arcade, in school, or over a friend’s house, we were all obsessed and the industry grew and grew.  The video game landscape is continuing this upward trajectory of growth as there is a shift in the evolution of games.  The impact of growing up with video games is just now being realized and the classic games of our youth are now generating incredible demand.  This is a significant opportunity for astute investors. 

    Gaming has been teetering on the edge of total domination for quite some time and what was previously suspected is now becoming official: Gaming is the most popular form of entertainment on the planet. More money is spent on games than on TV, movies, books, or just about any other form of entertainment.

    According to Reuters, gaming grew by 10.7% during the prior year while TV viewership dropped 8% globally. The total gaming revenue for the 2017 amounted to approximately $116 billion, compared to $105 billion for TV and TV streaming services.  Fast forward a year and the video games industry was projected to generate just shy of $135 billion in 2018. This timeline displays the value of the global video game market from 2012 to 2021.

    There were 2.2 billion gamers in the world a few year ago and now that figure is expected to be much, much higher.  The majority of these gamers are children or young adults. Today’s games are light years more advanced than games from even five or 10 years ago.  Compare that number with the fact there are about 7.7 billion people in the world, and you can see why statistically speaking, this is one of the hottest sectors for growth.

    Revenues in the gaming industry are based on two major sources, namely hardware, (consoles, processors, screens, controllers and other accessories) and software– the actual games. 

    Gaming is Now the Most Popular Form of Entertainment in the World ~Reuters

    With its unique and proprietary platform and multiple gaming advantages, – Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: YVR)– is in an attractive spot to gain visibility in this high growth industry and early investors stand to potentially profit.

    Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: YVR) markets themselves as a vertically integrated global studio producing content for all platforms including film, TV, gaming and VR through their network of shared services.

    Essentially they are a media and entertainment company, operating similar to Disney or Comcast.  Liquid has created a pipeline to produce and distribute content for ALL mediums of entertainment, ranging from gaming and virtual reality to film and television. 

    Trading at a miniscule market cap of ~ $12 Million and a microscopic float of 1.74 Million shares, this stock is poised to potentially move in a big way. 

    They have two subsidiary companies – Majesco Entertainment and Waterproof

    Majesco is an innovative provider of interactive entertainment and video games for core gamers and casual gamers alike. Their primary focus is on developing and publishing a wide range of casual and core oriented titles on leading console and portable systems.

    Majesco has a huge product portfolio.  Liquid Media Group can capitalize on the ever-growing number of digital entertainment platforms and digital entertainment enthusiasts. It’s possible you have owned Majesco products and never realized it.  Over the last 25 years, they have sold their products to U.S. retail chains, including WalMart, GameStop, Best Buy, Target and Toys ‘R Us. Games are also published digitally on Steam, XBLA, PSN, Nintendo, IOS and Android platforms.

    Waterproof Studios is part of Liquid’s gaming division which offers full service production of imagery and visual FX, often pushing boundaries.  The collaborative efforts allow innovative creation for gaming, film, web, and TV industries. 

    Check out the Waterproof Highlight Reel:

    YVR announced their return to gaming in a massive way.  A hot new Role Playing Game, Coba: Tale of the Moon, is in development for Nintendo Switch and popular PC platforms including Steam, the world’s biggest digital game distributor for PC.  The intellectual property rights to Coba are 100% owned by YVR subsidiary Majesco. 

    YVR plans to expand Coba into a full media franchise, with potential for an animated series for traditional television and/or streaming platforms, home video, theatrical release(s), merchandise sales and/or augmented reality programming.

    Think for just a moment how incredibly big this can be for such a tiny company.  

    Since its global release a couple of years ago, Nintendo has already amassed sales of 22.86-million Nintendo Switch consoles and 111.10-million Nintendo Switch software units. Action and role-playing games were among the top-selling genres according to Statista, accounting for a combined 33.2% of units sold. For the PC, Steam alone generated approximately $4.3 billion in sales in 2017. 

    If Liquid Media Group taps into even a fraction of those numbers, their ~$12M market could be vastly overshadowed by a potential new revenue stream. 

    YVR also launched a Retro Boot initiative with a five-title series designed to expand the franchise potential of popular retro titles owned by the company.

    The first game scheduled to launch is Miss Kwirk, a new puzzle game for gaming consoles and PC, which is being developed as a follow-up to the popular Kwirk title.Miss Kwirk is a character – and story – that has strong potential for redistribution across all of Liquid’s different mediums.

    YVR is perfectly positioned as a powerhouse player in the retro gaming space, with the launch of Miss Kwirk and its Retro Reboot initiative, Liquid. Additional titles in the Retro Reboot series will be announced as Liquid advances its ongoing development and launch schedules.

    Premiere titles are in development for next-generation consoles and PC. Bear in mind, Liquid Media has an impressive portfolio of over 100 retro games, many with franchise potential.  Some of these games can be remastered, reimagined and/or launched as sequels. Cha-Ching.  Consider the enormous revenue potential just from this alone. 

    They have added 65 retro video game titles, including megahit classics All Star Baseball, NFL Quarterback Club, NHL Breakaway, College Slam, Dirt Trax FX and Kwirk.

    YVR recently bought run and gun video game Blowout. Blowout has realized lifetime retail revenue of $5 Million to date and sold over 250,000 console units for the original Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. It is available now for Xbox 360, via Steam, IndieGala and GreenMan Gaming, and is in the backwards compatible program for Xbox One, which saves all development costs.

    They also acquired Blast Works, which is critically acclaimed for a complex set of editing tools that gives players flexibility to create their own ships, enemies and levels.  Liquid plans to relaunch the game for modern consoles and platforms. Blast Works has realized lifetime retail revenue of $8 Million to date and sold over 200,000 console units for Nintendo Wii.

    This can also potentially be a significant revenue stream

    YVR is taking initiative to launch the Liquid Finance Portal, which is being customized for Liquid’s business.  Liquid has exclusive rights to use the crowdfunding platform to finance projects in the gaming, film and TV segments. Crowdfunding across the entertainment industry appears to be booming with gaming projects like Star Citizen raising more than $200-million from backers in 171 countries.

    YVR is working to consolidate Vancouver’s fragmented film and entertainment market, where more than $2.9 billion is spent annually.  Liquid signed a licensing agreement so they can move digital content production into the cloud. With this technology, Liquid is creating a single, powerful network of production groups where content creators can access rented applications.

    A targeted roll out of “Liquid Anywhere” locations is scheduled, with initial launch planned for key physical production centers in North America, beginning with Vancouver, Canada.

    This is yet another potential revenue stream.

    Liquid now has a well-diversified portfolio of integrated digital production companies.

    Recent News

    YVR has announced a number of what could be massive developments recently that showcase the company’s growth potential:

    “Liquid Executes Definitive Agreement to Acquire Cloud Gaming IT Infrastructure Company”

    “VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company” or “Liquid”) (YVR) is pleased to announce that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the cloud gaming platform Open Nuage. Created by Throwback Entertainment, the platform makes playing and developing games in the cloud faster and easier. Open Nuage builds on Liquid’s leadership in cloud technologies for the film and entertainment space and further diversifies the Company’s portfolio.

    “The Open Nuage cloud gaming platform creates an optimized environment to make games work better online. It’s a very exciting acquisition because Liquid can offer these best-in-class services to the market and provide improved experiences for the Company’s own titles,” said Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid Media Group. “We believe the future of gaming is found in the growth of cloud-based, multiplayer, cross-platform games, and expect Open Nuage to play a pivotal role in meeting demand for gamers and developers alike.”

    And, what could be a potentially blockbuster transaction for the company.

     “Liquid Media Signs Deal with A+E Networks”

    “ANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company” or “Liquid”) (YVR)  is pleased to announce that it is now the official operator of A+E Networks’ popular story-driven Ancient Aliens: The Game free-to-play videogame across iOS, Google Play and Facebook platforms.

    Based on the hit television series broadcasting on A+E’s HISTORY channel and across more than 200 territories worldwide, Ancient Aliens: The Game has over 1-million installs on Android alone complemented by a combined social footprint of over 2.5-million Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email subscribers. Highly rated on both Google Play and the App Store, the game earns revenue through in-app purchases that advance gameplay.

    “A+E has been on the forefront of translating story-rich intellectual property across media platforms, developing engaging content that is platform agnostic – all of which is central to Liquid’s strategy,” said Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid Media. “Succeeding on major network television for over 13 seasons is a proud testament to the tremendous blood, sweat and tears that the teams at both A+E Networks and Prometheus Entertainment have invested to ensure Ancient Aliens is constantly evolving, both on television and across other mediums, to leverage its media franchise potential. A+E recognizes the convergence happening in the media, the value of being on the forefront of mobile and the significance of taking intellectual property across all platforms.”

    The game’s original storywriter, bestselling science fiction author and award-winning game writer, Steven-Elliot Altman, will continue to pen the game’s story.”

    YVR has put together a dream-team of management, led by Hollywood veteran, and Liquid chairman,Joshua Jackson. Joshua, born in Vancouver, is an actor/producer/director with over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry.  He starred in over 30 films + 200 hour of headlining TV shows such as the “Fringe,” “Dawson’s Creek,” and “The Affair,”  and is one of the most recognized names in Hollywood.

    If you consider just how many revenue streams Liquid Media has the potential to create, it’s shocking that Wall Street has overlooked this opportunity.  While they are sleeping, this is your chance to take advantage.

    Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: YVR) is an under-the-radar company offering a high-upside opportunity!  These are highly compelling reasons for smart-money investors to take action before the window of opportunity closes.



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