One unknown Nasdaq Company is turning Trash into Cash and Wall Street is Taking Notice

    One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.  In other words, what’s useless to one person can be extremely valuable to another. This is especially true on Wall Street where overlooked and undervalued stocks can sometimes become the largest winners in your portfolio.  But when this company is literally converting Trash to Cash and contributing to a waste-free world, then perhaps we have found a true Buried Treasure hidden in the scraps of Wall Street.

    Approximate 7.6 BILLION people inhabit the world and that figure is growing daily.  Since the size of the Earth stays the same, this population boom has created hundreds of problems on our planet.  One of the most daunting issues facing the world is the mounting waste problem, which affects health, creates massive pollution and threatens to drown third-world countries in toxicity.  More than half the world’s population  does not have access to regular trash collection, an ugly statistic given the enormous quantity of garbage produced daily.  Many experts believe the globe’s trash troubles are at a crisis level.

    According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, the global waste management market was valued at $285.0 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $435.0 billion by 2023!  One of the key findings of the report was that municipal waste management generated the highest revenue and is expected to grow at alarming rates.  Managing waste properly is vital for creating sustainable and livable cities, but it remains a challenge in many developing countries.  Effective waste management is expensive, often comprising 20%–50% of municipal budgets. Operating this essential municipal service requires integrated systems that are efficient, sustainable, and socially supported.

    We throw out over 50 Tons of household waste EVERY SECOND.  Every 2 hours we throw out enough garbage to fill the world’s largest container ship with trash. That’s 12 container ships every single day, and 4380 container ships in one year. That figure is expected to double by 2030.  Where do you think all of this waste ends up?  Most waste goes to landfills or is burned. Burning waste is the world’s largest source of dioxins, which is one of the most toxic chemicals discovered by science.

    My dad used to tell me throwing food out is a sin.  Letting food spoil should be a crime.  Maybe he was onto something. The Global Food Waste Management Market is expected to be worth $45 Billion by 2023.  Food which can sustain life is ending up in the garbage. Wasting food is mainly caused by economic behavior, poor stock management and neglecting the spoilage and expiry date of the food. Current food systems are highly inefficient. Reduction of food waste is precipitated by better management of the waste which is generated. Effective Food waste management would include the conversion of food waste into different useable products.

    As if all these challenges and costs to manage solid waste and food waste were not enough, we can now add skyrocketing recycling costs to the list.  For the last 25 years, recycling our plastic bottles, straws and containers has been relatively easy, largely because almost 50% of the world’s recyclables were exported to China.  But in January of 2018, China implemented a ban on importing non-industrial plastic waste creating a huge problem for the United States as well as many other industrialized countries. 

    Only a few years ago cities like Philadelphia were getting paid handsomely for recycled materials, now they are paying to get rid of them.  In fact, the costs of disposing of recyclables are rising fast causing more and more recyclables to end up in landfills.

    Changing the Way You Manage Waste:  When you combine technology solutions with traditional services to create a Zero-Landfill environment, you get BioHiTech Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: BHTG) – a prospective leader in this growing and evolving industry.

    BioHiTech Global, Inc. is changing the way we think about managing waste.   They are working to change the future of the waste management services industry by creating a technology-driven services company to cost-effectively reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.

    Their suite of products and services can be used individually or combined to help reduce waste generation, achieve a significant reduction in logistics costs, virtually eliminate landfill usage, and create a valuable renewable fuel that just may be an important part of the solution to the growing recycling crisis created by China’s plastics import ban.

    BHTG’s mission is to significantly reduce the volume of food and municipal solid waste destined for landfills using their proprietary technology solutions fully integrated with traditional services.  The end result can positively impact the environment while turning Trash into Cash, and potentially ending up in your wallet.

    Their solutions focus on:

    • Addressing food waste at the point of generation to eliminate transportation costs as well as the odors and pest problems associated with traditional disposal.
    • Empowering customers with data analytics information to improve supply chain management, affect behavioral change, and reduce waste generation.
    • Reducing landfill usage and logistics costs through a proprietary process that converts mixed waste into a US EPA recognized Solid Recovered Fuel.
    • Seamlessly integrating with traditional services to ultimately provide a cost-effective and turnkey sustainable waste management solution.

    Diverting Food Waste can be simplified using a BioHiTech Digester.

    Aerobic digestion is a process which addresses food waste at the point of generation.  This could eliminate the need for Landfill Disposal. Food and waste are added over the course of the day. Aerobic digestion technology uses a proprietary blend of microorganisms to naturally break down food waste into liquid form.  Once food waste is completely broken down it is safely discharged as wastewater through any standard sewer line.

    BHTG Digesters have a compact design, require minimal floor space, and can process up to 650 pounds of food waste per day!  This reduces food waste costs, helps the environment, eliminates odors, provides actionable intel, have no upfront capital costs, and no lengthy procedures for storing or handling the food waste.

    BHTG is getting recognition for their positive impact on the environment.  They recently teamed up with Gold Medal Services, a market leader in municipal, commercial, and industrial solid waste collection, and Temple University to deliver a new bundled sustainable services offering.  This provides Temple University with traditional disposal services in combination with BioHiTech’s food waste digesters and supply chain data analytics platform designed to help reduce waste generation. 

    Three digesters, the biggest is about the size of a washer and dryer, have been installed at the University.  Each digester can divert more than 3,000 pounds of waste from landfills on a daily basis.  The school already composts food waste, but the new devices can supercharge that process, cutting costs by 40 percent over traditional composting. Temple plans to put in smaller digesters at retail areas around campus as part of a larger plan to become the first Zero Waste University in the Country.

    Other universities, including the University of Delaware, Rutgers, the University of Pennsylvania, Ball State, Georgia State, and the University of San Diego are also getting in on the action with BioHiTech.

    Some other customers include:

    BHTG Renewables provide a cheaper and more effective alternative to landfills for the disposal of solid waste throughout the United States. The High Efficiency Biological Treatment (HEBioT™) process utilizes a combination of automated sorting equipment, enhanced biological composting, and mechanical refinement to convert waste into an EPA recognized, clean alternative fuel while achieving as much as 80% landfill diversion.

    The HEBioT technology is ideal for municipalities, regional waste haulers, large generators of mixed waste and corporations with Zero Waste initiatives. The main benefits of this technology are:

    BHTG controls the exclusive US rights to deploy facilities using their patented HEBioT process in 11 Northeast states and Washington DC.  This fully automated process reduces landfill usage by up to 80%, produces an EPA recognized fuel, and generates high EBITDA margins by reducing waste transportation costs, landfilling costs, and generating additional revenue through the production of Solid Recovered Fuel.

    BHTG owns a minority equity interest in the first resource recovery facility in the U.S. to utilize the HEBioT technology located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  The facility is expected to become fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2018 and run at full capacity soon thereafter as a result of a ten year agreement with a regional waste hauler to provide a sufficient amount of waste to support full operations and a ten year off-take agreement to purchase all of the solid recovered fuel production with an international cement company located nearby.  Between the digesters and HEBioT facilities, BioHiTech is creating a cost effective “Zero Landfill” solution.

    Current development projects represent approximately 1M tons of waste processing per year. ($80-$100M Revenue)

    This is simple math and when multiplied produces astonishing results.  As an example, traditional disposal methods in the Northeast generally cost about $70 per ton, and in some areas significantly more than that. Out of each ton, about 25% is recyclable materials, 3% is composted and the remaining 72% is typically landfilled or burned.  With BHTG’s solution, food waste can be removed for as little as $40.00 per ton with 100% of the food waste being diverted from landfills. 

    The remaining waste and recyclables can be handled at the same or lower costs than traditional methods through the HEBioT process with the added benefit of an additional 80% reduction in landfill usage and the production of a clean burning EPA approved fuel. This can result in as much as a 20% reduction in total disposal costs compared to current methods with all of the added environmental and sustainability benefits.  When you put it all together, even if a small percentage of the available market adopts these processes, there is a chance for $2.75 Billion in Annual Revenue.

    This presents a highly compelling reason to consider BHTG as an investment.  The stock is trading at just over $50M market cap, yet has the potential to generate hundreds of times that in revenue – all while saving the planet.  Consider just how valuable that could be to Earth, and then wait till Wall Street figures it out.  What can this do for your portfolio?

    BHTG was recently added to the Russell Microcap Index.  This is a benchmark for institutional investors to gauge growth opportunities.  In addition, it will provide added visibility for new investors.  This all comes on the heels of The Nasdaq uplisting BHTG to the exchange.

    Wall Street is just beginning to notice BioHiTech Global, Inc. As BHTG begins to penetrate even a fraction of these markets, we could see some monster earnings and life-changing outcomes.  Between the miniscule market cap and recent large-scale visibility, this could turn into one of the best opportunities of the year.  Don’t let it pass you by.

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